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Refining my practice - exciting changes!

My postgraduate studies in pain and pain management have transformed my approach to how I work with clients. Three years in with just two papers and a thesis to go I am at an exciting stage of wanting to further refine the direction of my practice. This has led me to the decision to focus on a few keys areas of practice I'm really passionate about!

What will these changes mean for existing clients?

These changes won't affect existing clients. If you are on my books - whether you have a regular massage or I see you intermittently as you need, don't worry, you'll still be able to book in and see me as you always have.

What will these changes mean for new clients?

For new clients I take on, my focus will be specifically for those needing assistance with:

  • Pain management - especially chronic/persisting pain conditions

  • Injury rehabilitation - to support other approaches you might be using

  • Mental wellbeing support - especially anxiety/depression, PTSD, and severe stress

New clients can be referred by other health professionals or may self refer. Therapeutic massage complements other treatment approaches such as physiotherapy, general or specialist care, movement therapies and talk therapies. I have an expanding toolkit to draw on from my postgraduate studies in pain and pain management and other areas of learning that integrate well with my massage therapy approaches across these three areas of focus. I'm able to work collaboratively with other treatment providers if that is something you would like and I also have a referral network of other allied health professionals to draw on if needed.

If your needs are not in the areas above and you are looking for a massage therapist for more general/non-specific purposes, sports maintenance/recovery, pregnancy, oncology/oedema, or just as an occasional treat, I have links with some wonderful therapists in Wellington who do excellent work in these areas who I am very happy to refer you to.

While massage therapy like all manual therapies, is considered a 'passive' treatment, I am a strong advocate for combining this with 'active' strategies with my clients. Evidence shows that when people are engaged in their own treatment, they have better outcomes. So my approach involves us working in partnership to address your goals.

Stay tuned!

Making these changed is something I am really excited about!

In early November I'll share more about these areas I'm focusing on and announce a small new client intake. I only take on a few new clients as the current capacity allows. Keep an eye out for that.


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