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Massage Therapy

What to expect at your first appointment

Your first appointment involves an initial consultation and assessment which enables me to find out about your reason for seeking treatment, any current or recent exacerbating factors, your health history including injuries and pre-existing conditions that may be relevant.  This helps me understand your individual needs.  Because this initial apppointment requires sufficent time for both consultation and treatment, all new clients need to have a New Client Consultation and Treatment appointment (75 minutes) for the first appointment.  This appointment needs to be booked directly through me. It is not available in my online booking system. You can find out more in Services & Prices

Please bear in mind that the more complex your health history and/or condition(s) you are seeking treatment for, the more time may be required for the initial consultation.  We don't rush this time, as it is a vital part of the initial consultation which helps to determine the best treatment approach for you.  To speed up the process and help me

target this first consultation to you, I send new clients an electronic New Client Form when the first appointment is booked.  The form takes 5-10 minutes to complete and needs to be completed and returned before the appointment. Once we have been through the consultation and assessment I discuss my treatment approach with you, answer any questions you may have and obtain your agreement to begin treatment.  My philosophy of client-centred treatment means that I encourage clients to be active participants in their treatment.  This can involve working with you to come up with some self management strategies.  Depending on your treatment goals, these may be aimed at helping you to increase or add variation to daily movement, increase body awareness, use mindfulness/relaxation techniques to help manage stress or tension, help you to understand how pain can affect movement and behaviour and work with you to address any fear or worry about your pain, and help you find solutions that support you to feel, move and live well.


The massage room is a professional, warm space with comfortable electric massage table, clean linen and in cooler months, a heating pad underneath to keep you warm.  I also use heat therapy to help relax tissues and the nervous system.  I use high-quality NZ made massage waxes and creams from Aurora and Tui Balms.  Your comfort is important so I always check pressure and technique are suitable and adapt to your preference.  Your privacy is maintained with appropriate draping and positioning.  I use a range of massage therapy and additional techniques aimed at reducing muscle tension and pain, supporting movement and activating the parasympathetic nervous system.

I follow up with you via email a few days after the first appointment to see how you have responded to the treatment and recap any self-management strategies that were discussed at your appointment.  Your feedback helps me determine if any changes need to be made to the plan. 


What to expect at subsequent sessions

At the start of subsequent sessions I check in to see how things have been since your last treatment.  Again, this helps assess and make any adjustments to the agreed treatment approach if needed.  While I may be working with you to achieve particular outcomes, I adapt sessions as and when required based on your needs and what is most appropriate for you at the time.  


I have referral networks with a range of other health and movement professionals.  This means I can refer you to another practitioner if it becomes clear that you may benefit from some additional input into your treatment, or if the treatment you need is outside my scope of practice  If you are also currently seeing another health professional, I am happy to collaborate with them in your treatment, at your request, to help you achieve the best outcomes.

Health and safety

Massage therapy should absolutely be avoided if you currently have an infectious or contagious condition (virus, flu, common cold), fever, vomiting, diarrhoea, unstable hypertension, have had recent major surgery or are under the influence of drugs or alcohol.  Some other conditions are locally contraindicated, which means that the area affected should not be massaged.  You can find information about conditions that mean massage should be avoided here under When should I ask my doctor before receiving a massage. If you are unsure, please ask and I will advise you as to whether you require clearance from your GP, Specialist or other health care provider.  This is to ensure your safety and that I am providing the most appropriate treatment for you, at the most appropriate time.

For information about our covid-19 please go to our COVID-19 page.

If you are new to massage therapy and would like to find out more before deciding if it is the most appropriate treatment for you, you can find out more at the Massage New Zealand website - About Massage Therapy

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