"Having a massage therapist who knows just the right amount of pressure to apply, who knows the right muscles to work on and who knows that sometimes a relaxation massage is exactly what I need, are just some of the attributes that keep me coming back on a regular basis to Odette."

T - Jan 2015

“I've found Odette to be very thorough and keen to understand what was causing my headaches and discomfort.  She trialled new techniques that she'd researched for my particular issues and I was very pleased with the results.  She applies her skills and knowledge, listening closely to feedback and acting accordingly - every massage provides relief and a new understanding of what is going on. The treatments I received were given with kindness, concern and a commitment to my recovery and healing.”

A - Jan 2015

“I found Odette’s style refreshingly caring. She offers a truly client centric/integrated approach; happy to liaise with my other care providers and together we worked toward a positive outcome. Odette gave me excellent advice and encouragement, wonderful massage and was highly motivated to get to the root cause of my problem.”

N - Jan 2015

“Having had chronic muscular pain in my back (fibromyalgia) for about 15 years, I have been to several massage professionals and Odette is one of the best. She is a great listener and communicator and builds upon her past work with each treatment. She has great technical knowledge and is very good at getting rid of 'knots' and providing me with more movement in my shoulders.  A visit to Odette every 3 weeks has helped to keep the pain and tension in check.”

F - Jan 2015

“I had pain in my knees especially walking long distance and down the hill for about 2 years. I have been to several physiotherapists, and personal trainers but could never get rid of this pain until I discussed it with Odette. I found Odette had an eye to detail as she analysed very thoroughly about what was going on in my case. She worked on a particular set of muscles on my legs and made some suggestions around my walking style. After a few sessions with Odette, I noticed significant improvement in my condition. I found she is not only a good massage therapist but also has a good knowledge around sports related injuries and rehabilitation.”

U - July 2015