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Managing your fuel tank

How we manage our energy levels can impact our pain.

I developed this concept to use as a tool in the clinic with clients as a self-reflective exercise for managing pain. Using a fuel tank as a visual metaphor for our energy reserves I get a client to reflect on how they keep their tank full - what things are good for filling it up, what things sustain them, energise them. I also get them to think about what things empty it - these can be things we do, and things we don't do, things we think and believe. Next, I get them to reflect on how they recognise it is getting low - what are their warning signs? Are they aware there are warning signs? While it is important to know what fills and empties our reserves, it is also really important to know our warning signs, because being aware of them means we can then have some strategies in place before it hits empty. So, that's the next thing I have them think about - what they currently do when it is getting low, and are there other things they can come up with that they can add to their list of strategies that they had not considered beforehand? I love seeing how creative people can be! Self-reflection can be a valuable tool when creating a pain management tool kit.

Here's a short video I've put together on this concept.

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