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Inspiring you to move your body

Movement has benefits for us on multiple levels. It helps us connect with our body, is great for managing pain, so good for our mood and mental wellbeing including managing stress, important and necessary for injury rehabilitation, and it can be great for connecting us with others and supporting our social wellbeing. It is actually important for all of our body systems - our muscles and joints, our nervous system, our heart and blood vessels, our immune system, our respiratory system. After all, we are actually designed to move, not be sedentary, and so movement helps us to keep well and maintain strength, mobility and stability.

Because I am a passionate advocate for including movement as part of a wellbeing routine, I thought I'd do something a bit different, to encourage clients and anyone who wants to get involved, to move more. So, I have started up a Move More in November Challenge on my Facebook page. I hope this will inspire and encourage people to keep going beyond November of course.

On my Facebook page I am sharing thoughts and ideas, offering movement tips, providing motivation to help you to get moving. Whether you are mostly sedentary and want to start moving more in your daily life, do some activity and want to add in more variety, are getting back into it after an injury, even if you are already active and want to awhi others to move more.

Head over to my Facebook page and start checking out the posts I've made so far. Some of the things I've covered include:

  • Starting out with achievable goals

  • Benefits of movement to protect our aging brains against dementia

  • Making a plan

  • Benefits of moving outside in sunlight

I'm really keen to get your contributions too because if we can work together it helps us motivate each other. So, are you up for it?! I hope so! Let's have some fun along the way!


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