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Clinic update re COVID-19 and the move to orange

From 14th April New Zealand moved to orange in the traffic light system. This and the recent government announcement about QR codes and vaccine passes have meant I have reviewed the health and safety risks for my business and clients and reassessed my current protocols:

  • I have chosen to retain the requirement for vaccine passes for all new clients and clients I have not seen since prior to December 3rd when passes were introduced. My rationale for this is based on the fact that I am treating a number of clients who are currently receiving chemotherapy treatment as well as clients who are immune-compromised and clients in the high-risk category due to chronic health conditions.

  • Masks are still required for both clients and myself under the close proximity service guidelines

  • Signing in with the QR code is no longer required but I have kept a QR code in the clinic room for those who still want to keep using it for their own records - this is entirely optional.

  • The waiting room is open again, so if you arrive early you are welcome to use it. It is sanitised between appointments and there is just seating for one person.

  • Water still is not provided so continue to bring your own water bottle to your appointment or leave one in the car for afterwards.

Thank you for your patience and understanding of the changes I've had to make over the past few months due to the Omicron outbreak. They have not been made lightly as I weigh up risks and make decisions based on best practices.

I must say, these past several months have been the hardest and most stressful of the past two years and have indeed been tough for business. I have seen more bookings coming in and have been taking on some new clients. Trying to be quietly optimistic! I myself tested positive early last week and have been isolating the past 7 days and return to work this week.

If I haven't seen you for a while I look forward to seeing you again in the not-too-distant future!


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