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Maximise your training

There's a number of sporting events on in Wellington over the next 2 months, from the Capital Classic Ocean Swim, Round The Bays fun run and Karapoti Classic MTB event, to track cycling and various swim/run and triathlon events.

If you are training for an event, what ever you level of participation - from first timer to serious athlete, you can enhance your training recovery, reduce the chance of injury and promote optimal performance by incorporating massage therapy as part of your training routine.

Massage has been shown to reduce muscle soreness after exercise as well as improve blood flow and range of movement.

Effects of therapeutic massage on gait and pain after delayed onset muscle soreness.

Effects of massage on post-exercise muscle stiffness: preliminary findings

Effect of massage on blood flow and muscle fatigue following isometric lumbar exercise

Knee arthritis pain is reduced and range of motion is increased following moderate pressure massage therapy

The Effects of Muscle Energy Technique on Lumbar Range of Motion

At Equilibrium Massage Therapy, we work clients of all fitness and sporting levels. We will work with you to develop a massage therapy treatment plan to address your needs and help you meet your specific goals, whatever they may be. Book your appointment with us online to maximise your training.

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