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Treat the Feet Massage Special

Two super massage deals for the month of February aimed at giving your feet some care and attention. 30 Minute Foot Massage $45 This treatment uses a combination of dry fascial work, pressure points and massage to ease those tired, aching feet, wake up the plantar fascia and revitalise from the ground up. 60 Minute Foot and Lower Leg Massage $75 This treatment focuses on the feet and lower leg using a combination of fascial work, massage and passive and active stretching. Foot pain can be related to calf tightness, so by treating the lower leg as well, this can address some of the issues contributing to sore feet. To book an appointment, contact Odette at Equilibrium Massage Therapy and quote the code 30FEET or 60FEET, or book online.

Offer ends 27th February.


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