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Research indicates saunas may be a useful treatment for tension headache

The health benefits of saunas such as reducing muscle tension, increasing metabolic rate and assisting with the removal of metabolic waste from the body have been touted for a while. A number of studies have also looked at their effectiveness in other areas including reducing blood pressure and preventing the common cold. A New Zealand study conducted by Wellington pain specialist and researcher Giresh Kanji has looked at sauna use in treating tension headache and found that they are an effective self-treatment for reducing the intensity of these headaches. Through reducing chemicals associated with stress that cause pain, increasing blood flow and assisting with muscle relaxation, this helps to ease neck pain which can be a trigger for headaches. A added benefit is a reduction in the need for pain medication which can have negative impacts on the body over time where medication use has been ongoing. You can find out more about the research from

Combining sauna use with massage therapy treatment to address the structures of the neck, as well as postural changes and stress-reducing strategies such as mindfulness and exercise can form part of a useful approach to treating and managing tension headaches.


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