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Massage Awareness Week - Are You in Safe Hands?

21st - 28th October marks Massage Awareness Week. An annual opportunity for the public (that's you!) to be reminded about the importance of choosing a registered massage therapist. This year, the theme focuses on safety for clients. Massage New Zealand (MNZ) encourages you to ask - Are You in Safe Hands? When choosing a doctor, dentist, physiotherapist, midwife or acupuncturist, we want to know that the person to whom we are entrusting our care is fully trained and qualified, professional and competent to practice and adheres to set standards and ethics. We should do the same when it comes to choosing a massage therapist.

Massage therapy is becoming the treatment of choice made by many people wanting to relieve pain, treat injuries or improve well-being.

There is a growing amount of research and scientific evidence supporting the effectiveness and benefits of receiving massage therapy. This has created a demand for Massage Therapy in New Zealand, which is great! However you could be at risk. There is a lack of awareness in how to choose a qualified, professional, and effective registered massage therapist.

Did you know that the massage industry in New Zealand is unregulated? This means that anyone and everyone can advertise and set up shop as a massage therapist - Are You in Safe Hands?

Massage New Zealand (MNZ) is dedicated to making sure that all members of the public are in safe hands. Choosing a registered MNZ therapist means that you are choosing someone who is qualified, thoroughly trained, professional and abides by a Code of Ethics.

MNZ registered members, as well as being qualified in the skills of massage therapy, have also undergone training in ethics and professional behaviour. Our Code of Ethics ensures informed consent is obtained, as well as providing clear boundaries on what is and is not acceptable. We also have a rigorous complaints procedure. Anyone found guilty of an offense, is barred from current and future membership. Are you in safe hands?

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