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Knowledge is power

Over the next few weeks I will be introducing a new section on my website. The Resources section will be a continually added to and updated page on my site providing new information on a range of persistent pain conditions - what the latest research is saying, links to informative sites, blogs and youtube clips, useful books and other information I come across.

There can be so much information out there, sometimes it can be confusing and contradictory. As part of my work, I spend a good deal of time keeping up to date with current research and new information about pain in order to help clients. The purpose of this new section is to help direct you to new, accurate information that may assist you in your journey, bearing in mind that what is known about pain can and does change all the time as newer research emerges.

We will be kicking off with Fibromyalgia and Low Back Pain and build from there. So keep checking the Resources section regularly to see what is there.


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