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Massage Awareness Week

September 7-13th marks Massage Awareness Week in New Zealand. This year the theme is

Self Care - Recognise, Restore, Respond. It's a timely reminder to look after ourselves in the widest sense - physically, mentally and emotionally. Recognising our stress triggers or when we may not be paying ourselves the attenion we deserve and the signs our body gives us - tight muscles, tiredness, feeling on edge, craving sugar and carbs. These can indicate that we need to take steps to restore equilibrium in our body and mind. Whether it's getting more fresh air, making sure our training regime allows for rest and recovery periods, increasing our water intake to keep muscles hydrated or simply taking time out to relax, meditate or play. This can be very empowering as it means we are able to take control back over the demands we may have to deal with in daily life. Massage is an excellent way of responding to doing this. After all, the most important person there is in your life is YOU!


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