What to expect


At your first appointment, we go through an initial consultation.  This includes finding out about your massage needs, current conditions, health history and  injuries. Posture assessment and range of movement tests may be done to enable us to give you the most appropriate treatment possible and establish a treatment plan and outcomes, if that is required.  You need to book a New Client Consultation and Treatment appointment (75 minutes) for your first appointment, to ensure that you get sufficient treatment time.  You can find out more in Services & Prices

To speed up the process we will email you a link to an Intake Form which should be completed prior to your first appointment.  You can also access the form directly by clicking on the button below.  If you complete the form via this link, don't forget to book your appointment at the same time via the Book Now button at the top of our website.  It is important to arrive on time as late arrival will reduce the amount of time available for your treatment.


Please bear in mind that the more complex your health history and/or condition(s) you are seeking treatment for, the more time may be required for the initial consultation.  We don't rush this time, as it is a vital part of the initial consultation which helps to determine the best treatment approach for you.


Massage should absolutely be avoided if you currently have an infectious or contagious condition (flu, common cold, virus) or disease, fever, vomiting, diarrhoea, unstable hypertension, have had recent major surgery or are under the influence of drugs or alcohol.  Some other conditions are locally contraindicated, which means that the area affected should not be massaged.  You can find information about conditions that mean massage should be avoided here under 'When should I ask my doctor before receiving a massage'. If you are unsure, please ask and we will advise you as to whether you require clearance from your GP, Specialist or other health care provider.  This is to ensure your safety and that we are providing the most appropriate treatment for you, at the most appropriate time.


At the start of subsequent sessions we also check any changes since your last treatment, which may involve some retesting.  Again, this is important as it helps assess your path to recovery and informs our treatment approach at the session, in case the overall treatment plan needs to be modified.  While we may be working with you to achieve particular outcomes, we adapt sessions as and when required based on your needs and what is most appropriate for you at the time - thereby working "in the moment" with you.


The massage room is a professional, warm space with comfortable electric massage table, clean linen and in cooler months, a heating pad underneath to keep you warm.  We also use special moist heat packs when required, to help relax the soft tissues and prepare them for deeper work if needed.  We use high quality NZ made massage waxes.  Your comfort is important so we always check pressure and technique are suitable and adapt to your preference.  Your privacy is maintained with appropriate draping and positioning.


At the end of the session you will be given homecare information which may include  exercises,  suggestions about movement and posture and other recommendations to help improve your condition.  We also have referral networks with other health professionals including osteopathy, acupuncture, yoga therapy, physiotherapy, naturopathy and psychotherapy.  This means we can refer you if we believe you may benefit from some additional input into your treatment.  If you are also currently seeing another health professional, we are happy to collaborate with them in your treatment, at your request, to achieve the best outcomes for you.

If you are new to massage therapy and would like to find out more before deciding if it is the most appropriate threatment for you, you can find out more at the Massage New Zealand website - About Massage Therapy