Bookings and Cancellations

How to make a booking

The quickest and easiest way to book an appointment is online via our secure web-based booking system.  

  1. Click on the white and orange "Book Now" button on the top right of our website

  2. Scroll down and select the session duration you require (if you are a new client, choose the New Client Consultation & Treatment option), click the green "Book" button next to the session duration

  3. Choose the date that suits from the calendar on the left hand side of the page, click on the preferred time

  4. Enter any important information in the notes/special requirements field, if necessary (this will only be visible to you and us) and click the "Next" button

  5. Enter your name, email and phone number and click the "Next" button

  6. Check booking details and read the Terms & Conditions

  7. Tick the "I Agree" box and click the "Confirm Booking!" button

  8. A booking confirmation page will then appear (Note: if you do not complete step 9, the booking will not be confirmed)


You can also book via texting, calling or emailing us.  We endeavor to get back to you as quickly as possible but can can only respond in between clients.

It is important to arrive on time for your appointment as late arrival will reduce the amount of time available for your treatment.

Appointment Wait List

Sometimes due to client demand, it can be difficult to get an appointment at the desired time for a few weeks.  This is especially the case for evening and Saturday appointments and in the lead up to public holidays.  When we get cancellations we usually post these up on our Facebook page to notify people, if you are on Facebook, it is a good place to check.  If you would like to go on a wait list and be notified of any cancellations which may enable you to get your desired appointment time sooner then please contact us and you will be notified (by text or email) when a slot becomes available.  This wait list is on a first in, first served basis and is only available for existing clients.

Cancellation Policy

Due to an increase in booking numbers and referrals from other health practitioners, 36 hours cancellation notice is now required.  This enables another client the opportunity to book the vacant appointment slot with sufficient time to rearrange their schedule if need be.  If less than 36 hours notice is given and the time slot is not able to be filled, or an appointment is missed without any notification, a fee may be charged. To avoid forgetting appointments, it is strongly recommended that clients diarise their own bookings.  We send a courtesy appointment confirmation via email at the time of booking and 3 days before an appointment (if you have given us your email address) but please do not rely on this as a reminder. We take no responsibility for clients missing appointments. Obviously emergencies can and do happen, people get sick and we definitely take these into consideration but do ask that as a courtesy, you let us know if you cannot make your appointment ASAP. 

What if I'm Sick?

We want to give clients the best service possible and ensure that receiving massage therapy from us is beneficial for your wellbeing and is an enjoyable experience.  If you are sick - with a cold, flu or other virus, stomach bug, feel unwell after returning from oveseas - anything that may be contagious or causes you to feel unwell, please cancel your appointment ASAP. It may also be worthwhile getting checked out by your GP.  Getting a massage when you are sick may amplify how unwell you feel, and who wants that!  While we take infection control in our clinic very seriously, we don't want to risk catching anything that may mean we are then unable to provide massage for our clients, nor do we want to be unwittingly passing something on to clients we see after you.  So, if you are sick, stay home, rest, keep hydrated and look after yourself and you can rebook for a later date when you have recovered.